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  Below is some of our local Pets. If you would like to see your pet here, just send us a photo and a few words about your pet and you if you want. Click Here to Contact Us This Will Send Us An E-Mail, So don't forget to Attach your photo, you can send in more than one if you like.

No Matter what pet you have, Dog, Cat, Hamster,Rabbits, Snake, Elephant - Could even be your brother or sister in the photo as well, So click on the Link above and Send In A Picture..


Jazz (Red Fox Lab)

This is Jazz. She is a Red Fox Labrador, nearly 5 years old and lives with her brother Rusty.

They both love walks and Water.

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Rusty Dog This is Rusty Jazz's Brother, you might meet them on the common
Mole This is Mole, A Black Cocker Spaniel Dog Owned by Thomas Novelle in Stoke D'abernon


This is Thomas with his Ferret Mastic, He is Very Large and has sharp teeth (The Ferret, not Thomas)




This is Mango, One of Thomas other Ferrets and is looked after by his Mum. Mango is Mastic's Sister

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Myrtle the third of Thomas's Lot, She is the smallest, youngest and Bites. .





A Picture Sent in By Maureen from Dorking, Her Burman cat, Mekio trying to read the paper.



This is Ida's Adopted Pet Tiger 'Zambar'

She can't have Pet's where She lives, So she Adopted This Beautiful Cub when he was only days old and being hand reared. Now he's five and just moved to Blackpool Zoo to find a mate. Ida Still has him Adopted even though he's now miles away.
What a Lovely Tiga !

This is Duke Bevan, a labradoodle from Bookham, enjoying the snow we had in Feb 2010 !  He's Going in to the Dog Show on Bank Holiday Monday at Downside & Hatchford Sports and Family Day. Lets hope he does well.


29.8.2010        Ps. He got a 4th rosette

Debbie's Cats

Debbie from Cobham has sent us this picture of both her cats, Casper & Jasmine. They look a hand full!







This Could be your Lady Bug Here


Your Pet or Pets Photo here

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Jazz (Red Fox Lab)

This is could be your pet

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